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The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the way of leading the business of the companies, in any of his social forms, which is characterized for bearing in mind the impacts that all the aspects of his activities generate on his clients, employees, shareholders, local communities, environment and on the company in general. It involves the obligatory fulfillment of the national and international legislation in the social, labor, environmental area and of Human Rights, as well as any other voluntary action that the company wants to undertake to improve the quality of life of his employees, the communities in which it operates and of the company in its set.

From the beginning of this cooperative gait, in Winery Reina de Castilla we're not conformed with fulfilling the legislations of the different areas that concern the Cooperative, if not that we have gone always beyond. We always have tried to identify ourselves with the land, the region, the people who, with epicentre in La Seca, is projected to the outside with the same values as we do.

The Winery Reina de Castilla is totally permeable to the simplicity and the talent that flood this lands. And it is obvious in our wines. As the hand of our winery that can be noted in the region; sustainable working positions, conservation of the natural landscape, harmony with the environment, collaboration with the maintenance of the cores and the rural way of life (in the most wide and positive meaning of the word), wide penetration the socioeconomic studding and a lengthy etc that makes the Cooperative be represented in all the scopes of the life of this land and that, in perfect tuning, the people can feel identified themselves by his wines, his vineyards, his winery; Reina de Castilla.

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