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Botella y tapones


The design of our wine cellar shares the essence of our wines.

Brilliant and functional, this building is the reflection of the evolution of the former medieval wines, enriched with the freshness and the bouquet of the new times.

Headquarters of the whole process of the wine; from the gathering of the grape up to the bottling, the wine cellar emphasizes for his harmony, dynamism and quickness, in agreement with the natural beauty of the old vineyards that surround it.

Nature, art and mastery is what we can admire in this typically Castilian landscape, prepared to confront and take advantage of what the climate usually has to offer; overwhelming heat in summer, icy cold in winter and temperate spring full of color, symbol of the new reborn of the fields.

All of them are indispensable elements to gather the excellent grape vintages that come accompanied of autumns loaded with rains.

Bodega Reina de Castilla