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To speak about the Reina de Castilla Winery is to speak about centuries of history and of entire generations dedicated to the viticulture in the villa of La Seca.

Small and big familiar vineyards of long tradition, have united their experience and wisdom in this new cooperative company inspired by the admirable entrepreneurship of the most innovative women of his time, as Urraca I, Beatriz de Portugal, Isabel la Católica or his daughter; Juana I de Castilla.

These seasoned queens surrendered to their noble causes, they promoted the Castilian expansion and the discovery of new worlds, changing the history of these lands and gaining the respect of everybody. Objectives all of them that the descendants from those medieval wineries try to follow in the Cooperative Reina de Castilla winery, by joining their forces to obtain great wines that cross borders, elaborated with the best inherited knowledge and with the impulse and the freshness that the new technologies contribute with.

Bodega Reina de Castilla